A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure to create a younger look in the face. The procedure can reduce sagging skin. It can also help smooth folds of skin on the cheeks and jawline.

Facelift Treatment

A facelift, medically known as a ‘rhytidectomy,’ is a surgical or non-surgical procedure designed to reduce signs of aging in the face and neck. Traditional facelifts involve making incisions around the hairline, tightening underlying muscles, and repositioning or removing skin to achieve a more youthful appearance. While surgical facelifts offer dramatic and long-lasting results, they come with inherent risks and longer recovery times. This has propelled the rise of non-invasive treatments to provide a safer alternative with minimal downtime.

Facelift Market

Facelift Market

The facelift market encompasses both surgical and non-surgical treatments, with the latter experiencing heightened demand due to their affordability, reduced risks, and immediate results. The aesthetic market is not just limited to the older age group but also attracts a younger demographic seeking preventive measures. It is most evident in the surge of treatments like Radiofrequency (RF) Tightening, Ultrasound Skin Tightening, Laser Treatments, Microneedling with RF, HIFU, and Plasma facelifts.

Radiofrequency (RF) Tightening

RF Tightening has emerged as a leading contender in the non-surgical facelift arena. It’s’ a mechanism that not only tightens the skin but also stimulates collagen production.

There’s an increasing demand for treatments combining RF with other technologies to enhance efficacy.

Ultrasound Skin Tightening

Ultrasound-based treatments, most famously represented by Ultherapy, work by targeting deeper layers of the skin. Ultrasound technology is targeted for non-invasive lifts for the neck, chin, and brow.

Providers are working on reducing the discomfort associated with the procedure to improve patient satisfaction.

Laser treatments

Laser cosmetic treatments offer a broad spectrum, ranging from ablative lasers that remove the outer layer of skin to non-ablative lasers that act on deeper tissues.

There’s a move towards combining laser treatments with other facelift procedures to achieve synergistic effects.

Microneedling with RF

Microneedling with RF has garnered significant attention due to its dual-action mechanism: the microneedling process induces controlled micro-injuries, and the RF energy amplifies collagen and elastin production.

Home-based microneedling devices (without RF) are gaining popularity, but for optimal results, professional treatments remain paramount.

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

HIFU treatments, such as Ulthera, target both superficial and deep collagen layers, offering comprehensive facelift effects. The HIFU machine can be done to firm skin while pulling the muscle layer, and thin the face up to the progressive effect. 

There’s a move to reduce the treatment discomfort and provide a broader range of applicators for various treatment areas.

Facelift Solutions by Coolpretty

Coolpretty is at the forefront of the non-invasive facelift revolution. Our range of treatments is tailored to individual needs and leverages the latest in technological advancements.

Radiofrequency (RF) Tightening

Coolpretty’s RF devices deliver controlled energy deep into the skin, promoting collagen synthesis and offering a firmer, lifted appearance.

Ultrasound Skin Tightening

Coolpretty harnesses the power of ultrasound to target deeper tissues, stimulating collagen production and tightening sagging skin, particularly in the neck and chin regions.

Laser Treatments

From ablative to non-ablative lasers, Coolpretty offers a range of laser treatments that address skin texture, tone, and tightness.


Coolpretty’s HIFU technology focuses on deeper layers of the skin, providing a comprehensive facelift effect, especially in the cheeks and eyebrows.

Microneedling with RF

A synergy of microneedling and RF, this treatment induces micro-injuries followed by RF energy delivery, amplifying collagen production and skin tightening.

Plasma Facelift

Leveraging the power of ionized gas or ‘plasma,’ this treatment is perfect for targeted areas, especially around the eyes and mouth.

A face-lift can address these age-related changes:

  • The sagging appearance of the cheeks
  • Excess skin at the lower jawline
  • Deep skin folds from the sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth
  • Sagging skin and excess fat in the neck (if the procedure includes a neck lift)

Characteristics of Facelift


The primary goal of a facelift is to offer a lifted appearance, reducing sagging and droopiness.

Volume Enhancement

Especially with non-invasive treatments, there's an emphasis on restoring lost volume, presenting fuller, youthful contours.

Texture Improvement

While the primary target is lifting, many treatments, especially laser and microneedling, improve skin texture, addressing scars, large pores, and wrinkles.

Natural-looking Results

Modern facelifts target to provide results that are authentic, avoiding the 'overdone' look.

Safety and Efficacy

With the rise of non-invasive treatments, there's a strong focus on safety without compromising results.

Advantages For Physicians

  • Increased Revenue
  • Lower Overhead Cost
  • Continual Learning
  • Improved Patient Relations
  • Reliable technology

Advantages for Patients

  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick Procedures
  • Reduced Risks
  • Incremental Result
  • Comfortable, over-lunch Treatment with no downtime

Facelift Before & After

Face Lifting Before BEFORE
Face Lifting After AFTER
Face Lifting Before BEFORE
Face Lifting After AFTER
Facelift Before BEFORE
Facelift after AFTER
Facelift Before BEFORE
Facelift After AFTER
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