Picosecond Laser Machine for Tattoo Removal and More

The picosecond laser machine for tattoo removal and more delivers high peak power and ultra-short pulse durations for a photoacoustic effect that transforms skin from the inside out.

Picosecond Laser

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Picosecond Laser Machine
for Tattoo Removal and More

The picosecond laser machine for tattoo removal and more is a laser-based on picosecond technology that achieves tattoo removal in a safer, more efficient way in less time.

The Picosecond laser machine GCP157, with four optimal wavelengths: 1064/532nm, 755nm, 1024nm, and an extraordinarily short pulse technology, is the safest and most precise laser treatment solution available for pigmented lesions and multi-color tattoo removal.

Ultrashort-pulse and easy spot size changes allow for faster treatments and greater penetration depth, while low fluence values ensure minimal side effects while achieving excellent clinical outcomes.

Meet the picosecond laser machine intentionally designed to work from the inside out


Picosecond Laser

The Picosecond laser is the most effective way to remove natural or artificial (tattoo) pigmentation, while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding tissue.

Picosecond laser can effectively produce optomechanical effects that break up pigment particles into small pieces. Compared with nano laser, picosecond laser requires lower energy to achieve results. Less treatment, better treatment effect. Stubborn green and blue tattoos can also be removed effectively. As the area heals, the body’s immune system flushes away the shattered pigment, revealing lighter, clearer skin with minimal risk of scarring or hyperpigmentation.

Ultra-short pulses

The picosecond laser machine features ultra-short pulses. The short pulse produces very high peak power for optimal clinical efficiency with minimal patient pain. With highly efficient treatment, it is possible to maintain low fluence values and still achieve excellent results. Low fluence also allows for the application of large spot sizes for faster treatment as well as for targeting deep lying pigmentation

Picosecond Laser Machine for Tattoo Removal and more

Korea Joints Arm

Made In Korea

Korea imported 7 joints arm to ensure stable energy.

360° Treatment

360°treatment ensure the highest energy output, minimum energy loss, easy to operate

Adjustable Spot Size

Adjustable Spot Size

A 2-10 mm spot size is offered for different treatments (2-10 mm).

Intuitive User Interface

Quickly adjust treatment parameters according to pigment density, depth and skin type, depending on each patient’s needs.

High ROI

With a cost-effective solution that yields higher returns than devices that achieve comparable results using more expensive technology.

Foot Switch

Treatment Handpiece

Picosecond Laser Treatment Applicators

Relevant Applicators

1064/532nm Handpiece

1064/532nm Handpiece

  • Get rid of freckles, yellow-brown spots, eyebrow tattoos, failed eye line tattoos, tattoos, Birthmark and Nevus of Ota, pigmentation and age spots, nevus in black and blue, scarlet red, deep coffee color, etc.
  • Getting rid of freckles, eyebrow tattoos, failed eye line tattoos, lips lines, pigment, telangiectasia in shallow red, brown, pink, etc. light color
1024nm Handpiece

1024nm Handpiece

Remove chloasma, freckles, age spots brown mole spots, acne marks, and other endogenous pigments

755nm Handpiece

755nm Handpiece

The 755nm wavelength is able to target black, blue, and green tattoo inks.

Technical Parameters

Picosecond Laser Machine for Tattoo Removal and More
Input Power2000W
Screen10.4inch touch screen
Cooling Systemsemiconductor, water cooling
Wavelength1064nm,532nm 755nm,1024nm
Working ModeContinuous Mode and Single Pulse Mode
TypePicosecond Laser
Spot Size2-10mm(adjustable)
Package Size125cm*57cm*49cm

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Benign Pigmented Lesions

Lifecycle and hormonal changes can affect the distribution of color (melanin) in our skin, leading to the appearance of sun spots, age spots, or melasma- a dark, patchy facial discoloration condition.

Coolpretty’s light-based and picosecond laser treatments remove the appearance of spots and pigmentation by targeting the melanin in the darkened area, clearing all layers of the pigmentation and revealing even-toned, unblemished skin.

The treatments are specially designed for patient comfort and are safe and effective for all skin types, including dark skin.

Using a picosecond laser pulse- the gold standard for treating pigmented lesions, picosecond laser machine GCP157 is the optimal choice for treating naturally-occurring hyperpigmentation including:

  • Solar lentigos
  • Café-au-lait spots
  • Lesions affecting the oral mucosa and the lips
  • Deeper lesions such as Nevus of Ota and Ito

Tattoo Removal

Unwanted dark and multi-colored tattoos can be safely and effectively eliminated with Coolpretty’s range of tattoo removal treatments. Using a combination of laser wavelengths that target different ink colors, high-intensity light beams break up the ink particles in the tattoo, revealing clear, ink-free skin with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation.

Successful multi-color tattoo removal requires a high powered laser that can deliver enough energy within the absorption spectrum of a wide range of colors. The high-power Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm laser is ideal for treating darker ink colors (black, blue, and green), while the 532nm wavelength is effective for brighter ink colors (red, orange and yellow). The treatment mechanically breaks down ink particles without causing thermal damage, causing the tattoo to fade with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation. The 755nm wavelength is able to target black, blue, and green tattoo inks. 1024nm wavelength, Remove chloasma, freckles, age spots brown mole spots, acne marks, and other endogenous pigments

Popular Treatments Before & After

Carbon Peel BEFORE
Carbon Peel AFTER

Carbon Peel

Tattoo Removal BEFORE
Tattoo Removal AFTER

Tattoo Removal

Skin Rejuvenation Before BEFORE
Skin Rejuvenation AFTER

Skin Rejuvenation

Pigmented Lesions before BEFORE
Pigmented Lesions After AFTER

Pigmented Lesions

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The main feature of the Picosecond laser machine GCP157 is that it is the first laser for medical applications that emits pulses in picoseconds. A picosecond is a million times shorter than a second.

This ultrashort pulse generates two effects:

  • The sudden increase in temperature in the tattoo pigments. The Picosecond laser machine GCP157 pulse set at 500-750 picoseconds produces a highly concentrated energy delivery in a billionth of a second. In this way, the temperature increases very sharply and the pigments explode into tiny particles, which are metabolised by the body more easily.
  • Effectiveness in smaller ink particles. This type of particle has a shorter thermal relaxation time so that its elimination was not satisfactory with conventional Q-Switched type lasers.

The main advantages of Picosecond laser machine GCP157 for tattoo removal are:

  • The treatments are effective with half the energy, which is much gentler on the skin.
  • Lightening of the tattoo is achieved more quickly.
  • Lightening of the tattoo is achieved in half the sessions or less than with the traditional lasers.
  • Can treat recalcitrant tattoos, i.e. tattoos that are very resistant to laser and that after a high number of sessions, there is still a high density of residual pigment.
  • Increases efficiency in removal of light blue or light green pigments.
  • The thermal mechanism of the tattoo removal is greatly improved.
  • The maximum level of mechanical stress is achieved.

The duration of the permanent tattoo removal process is a concern for virtually all patients.

It’s not unusual for the body to take over a year to completely eliminate ink. Setting expectations clearly upfront allows for patients to be satisfied throughout the experience – rather than feeling as if they were misled.


To allow the skin enough time to heal between treatments and the body’s immune system to flush away ink, we recommend a minimum of six weeks between laser sessions – and eight weeks for darker complexions. Stacking the treatments too close together can cause damage and permanent side effects to the skin and doesn’t allow the body enough time to remove the ink that was shattered at the most recent session. For ideal results, we recommend waiting three months between treatments.

Ultimately, as a tattoo removal practitioner, you cannot know precisely how many treatments a tattoo will need to be fully removed. However, you should assess the patient’s tattoo for how easily it should remove.

We generally suggest speaking in terms of treatment ranges with patients. Tattoo removal treatments fit along a bell curve – most patients will need between 5 and 8 treatments, some will see complete removal in 3 or 4, and others may need 10 or more treatments if there is significant scarring or layered tattoos. We suggest telling patients where they are likely to fit along the bell curve based on the unique factors of their tattoo.

Since each country has different regulations on the subject, please refer to your local regulations on the operation of medical device.

Yes. Coolpretty Picosecond Laser system GCP157 is CE marked.

The picosecond laser machine GCP157 platform consists of 1064nm, 532nm, 755nm, and 1024nm wavelengths.

"The Picosecond laser machine GCP157 Carbon Peel is one of the most highly effective methods of skin cleansing and skin rejuvenation that l have used in my clinic. The combination of laser technology with medical-grade carbon achieves superior cleansing of the skin and visibly improved overall skin tone. The quick treatment time and immediate results make this a convenient, highly effective, and recommended lunchtime procedure."
Skincare Clinic
"I had an amazing Training session with Meya today! I highly recommend her! She was very informative kind and professional. Thank you CoolPretty for all you do!"
Beauty Spa
"Great customer care.Excellent training for their products to help you with your aesthetic business. Highly recommend"
Leslie Flores
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