Low-level Laser Therapy for Weight Loss Machine

COOLPRETTY’s low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine utilizes 532nm specific wavelengths of light to target and stimulate fat cells, offering a potential solution for those struggling with stubborn weight and localized fat deposits. What sets the 532nm GREEN LIGHT low-level laser fat loss therapy machine apart is its non-invasive nature.

Low-level Laser Therapy for Weight Loss Machine GCP532

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532nm Green Light Low-level Laser Therapy for Weight Loss Machine GCP532 PRO

Coolpretty‘s low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine has gained popularity for its potential to aid in weight loss. Coolpretty‘s low-level laser fat loss therapy machine is a full body fat loss treatment that allows clients to target areas of stubborn fat. COOLPRETTY‘s low-level Laser treats overall body circumference and is the only device FDA cleared to treat those with a BMI up to 40. Applied externally, the laser targets excess fat by emulsifying fatty tissue through the use of cold laser technology developed by COOLPRETTY.

The 532nm wavelength, 10 x 532nm true green laser beams (monochromatic, collimated, and coherent) create small transitory pores for the fatty liquids in fat cells to seep out. The fatty liquids are then naturally flushed out through the lymphatic system.

Adjustable pull rod automatic lifting
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When the lasers target a group of fat cells, they penetrate down to the fat cell wall, boring tiny pores into its surface. At the same time, they emulsify (melt) the fat inside of the cell. This permits the fats to pass through the pores, where the body’s lymphatic system naturally disposes of them.

  • Treat Individuals up to 40 BMI
  • Adjustable pull rod automatic lifting
  • 10 laser lamps
  • No Bruising, No Swelling, No Freezing, No Downtime
  • Average Circumference Loss of 5.99″
  • Results in as Little as 2 Weeks
  • 180°telescopic positioning bracket can adjust multiple angles
  • No heating or freezing of the skin.
  • No pinching or bruising, No incisions required, No downtime

How does a low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine work?

Low-level laser fat loss therapy machine for weight loss works by utilizing COOLPRETTY’s patented green low level laser technology to emulsify adipose tissue, which is then released into the interstitial space. Our bodies remove the fat from the area and transport it through the lymphatic system.

The laser treatment for weight loss occurs gradually over the course of about 2-4 weeks. Because there is no downtime with the Low-level laser fat loss therapy system, patients can continue their everyday routines immediately after treatment.

Unlike liposuction or fat freezing (cryolipolysis), COOLPRETTY laser treatments empty the fat cells but don’t destroy them. This is an important distinction between cold-laser sculpting and some of the competitors. While killing fat cells may sound like a permanent solution to fat accumulation, it can be dangerous. If you gain weight after those treatments end, the body can only store fat in the remaining cells, resulting in increased fat accumulation elsewhere.

With the 532nm cold source laser, the 10 adjustable laser lamps target the fat cell beneath the treatment areas, creating a temporary pore within the fat cell, the fatty liquids can drain out of the cell, and the volume of the fat cell is reduced. The fatty acids and glycerol will be flushed out naturally through lymphatic metabolism.

How does a low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine work?


The 532nm low-level laser fat loss therapy machine is designed to aid in weight loss by targeting fat cells beneath the treatment areas. This technology utilizes 10 adjustable laser lamps that emit light at a wavelength of 532nm. The purpose of low level laser therapy is to penetrate the skin and reach the fat cells, where they can stimulate cellular activity.

Optimal wavelength

Optimal wavelength

The optimal 532nm wavelength is specifically chosen for its ability to target fat cells while minimizing damage to surrounding tissues. This makes the treatment non-invasive and generally well-tolerated by individuals undergoing the therapy.

10 Adjustable low level laser lamps

The 10 adjustable low level laser lamps allow for precise targeting of weight loss treatment areas, enabling customized fat loss treatment plans based on patient's needs. By focusing the cold laser energy on areas with excess fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, or arms, the low level laser therapy aims to promote fat loss and inch reduction.

180° Telescopic positioning bracket

Made of aluminum alloy and well-polished in white. 180°telescopic positioning bracket can adjust multiple angles to perfectly treat your body to the best advantage.

Adjustable pull rod automatic lifting

The adjustable pull rod with COOLPRETTY's automatic lifting technology is a highlight incorporated into the design of this 532nm low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine. The automatic lifting functionality enables the pull rod to be raised or lowered automatically without the need for manual adjustment. The purpose of the adjustable pull rod with automatic lifting technology is to enhance patient comfort, convenience, and adaptability during the body contouring treatment. By automatically adjusting the height or position of the pull rod, the low-level laser fat loss therapy machine can accommodate different body shapes and sizes, ensuring optimal positioning and contact with the weight loss treatment areas.

532nm Green Light Low-level Laser Therapy for Weight Loss Machine GCP532

white starUser-friendly and easy to learn

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white star180° Telescopic positioning bracket

180° Telescopic positioning bracket


white starAdjustable pull rod automatic lifting

Adjustable pull rod automatic lifting


white star10 Adjustable low level laser lamps

10 Adjustable low level laser lamps

Intuitive User-friendly Touchscreen

The 532nm green light low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine features a user-friendly 12-inch touch color screen, providing an intuitive interface for ease of use and learning.

The intensity level of the low-level laser therapy machine is adjustable, with options ranging from level 1 to level 3. This adjustable intensity feature allows for adjustment according to patients’ preferences and treatment requirements.

The 532nm Green light machine provides adjustable rotation speed, with levels 1 to 3 available. This feature allows practitioners to control the speed at which the fat loss treatment is delivered, providing flexibility and the ability to tailor the therapy to patient preferences.

Intuitive User-friendly Touchscreen
Intuitive User-friendly Touchscreen
Intuitive User-friendly Touchscreen
Intuitive User-friendly Touchscreen

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Technical Parameters

Professional low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine GCP532 PRO
Wavelength 532nm
Power 800W
Treatment Area About 30mm*800mm
Energy Output 1-200mW(Continuous); 1-300mW(Pulse)
Intensity Level 1-3 (adjustable)
Input Power ≤500W
Rotation Speed Level 1-3 (adjustable)
Fuse 5A
Touch Screen 12.1 inch Touch Screen
Cooling System Air Cooled
Voltage 100-130V/200V-230V; 50Hz-60Hz
Package Size 117cm*59cm*68cm
N. W./G. W. 39KG/67KG


This low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine GCP532 PRO 30-minute treatment is straightforward and causes no discomfort. Your provider will have you lie on a comfortable table on your back. The lasers will be applied to target areas of fat simultaneously for approximately 15 minutes. You’ll then lie on your front, where the process will be repeated.

Eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, waist, back, buttocks, thighs, butterfly sleeves, double chin, and more, and reduce the circumference of the treatment area to create an overall slimming effect.

There is no need to use anesthesia, no pain or numbness, will not cause a scar or trauma, and no need to recover. Due to specific wavelength, laser only acts on the subcutaneous fat cell layer, other cells such as skin and capillary blood vessels will not be damaged during this process, which is a safe and reliable way to reduce fat.

Low-level Laser Therapy for Weight Loss Machine Before & After

Back Fat Loss Before BEFORE
Back Fat Loss After AFTER
Body Fat Loss Before BEFORE
Body Fat Loss After AFTER
Legs Fat Loss Before BEFORE
Legs Fat Loss After AFTER
Stomach Fat Loss Before BEFORE
Stomach Fat Loss After AFTER

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Low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine GCP532 PRO

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Low-level laser therapy for fat loss has a number of benefits that traditional reduction options don’t. Unlike liposuction, a surgical procedure that causes bruises, redness, and swelling, and weeks of downtime.

  • The low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine is a cold laser fat removal treatment that causes no bruising or swelling, no side effects, and has no downtime.
  • lt uses low-level laser 532nm green light to penetrate the skin and break down fat.
  • The laser treatment for weight loss is non-invasive, with no discomfort or pain, and none of the risks associated with a surgical procedure such as liposuction.

Other popular noninvasive procedures that use fat freezing to break down fat generally involve more discomfort than laser fat removal treatments and in some cases require 60-90 days post-treatment to see optimal results.

The low-level laser fat loss therapy machine for weight loss is the only laser fat loss option to treat patients with BMls up to 40. Cleared treats the entire body, it reduces fat that causes love handles muffin tops, and more.

The body shaping treatments are officially labelled as ‘non-temporary’ by the FDA, so as long as your clients lead a normal to healthy lifestyle, their results will continue. To give an example, if your clients consume 4000 calories per day, although they will lose inches during the low-level laser fat loss therapy treatments, they may quickly put these inches back on.

We generally recommend that you promote small lifestyle changes along with the low-level laser fat loss therapy course, with the option of maintenance treatments if required.

low-level laser fat loss therapy treatments are just 30 minutes long and fully automated, allowing you to save on staff costs and increase profits.

Your clients should see improvements after the very first session, and the body contouring results will continue to improve with each laser treatment for weight loss.


However, the number of fat loss treatments that your clients will require depends on their aims, objectives, lifestyle, medical history, and any medication that they may be on – in general, most patients will need 6+ sessions, with one, two, or three treatments per week.

Low-level laser therapy for weight loss machine treats overall body circumference while also allowing your patients to target stubborn areas of fat and cellulite.

Most people who undergo the weight loss treatments focus on their midriff and thighs, but the 532nm green light machine can also target any area of subcutaneous fat, including bra strap, upper arms, jowls, knees, and more.

Please examine the image below for the possible body contouring treatment options:

Targeted Fat Reduction: Unlike traditional weight loss methods, the 532nm low-level laser therapy machine enables targeted fat reduction. By focusing the laser on specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, or arms, patients can effectively address stubborn fat deposits that are challenging to eliminate through exercise and diet alone.

 Non-Invasive and Painless: One of the significant advantages of 532nm LLLT is that it is a non-invasive and painless procedure. Unlike surgical alternatives like liposuction, this cold laser therapy machine does not require incisions or anesthesia, making it a safe and comfortable option for individuals seeking weight loss solutions.

Enhanced Metabolism: The laser’s interaction with adipose cells not only promotes fat breakdown but also enhances metabolic activity. By stimulating cellular function, 532nm LLLT can increase the metabolic rate, leading to more efficient calorie burning and aiding in weight management.

Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction: In addition to its fat loss properties, 532nm LLLT has been found to have positive effects on skin tightening and cellulite reduction. The laser stimulates collagen production, resulting in improved skin elasticity and texture, further enhancing the aesthetic outcomes of the therapy.

Completely Unattended Treatments

No Known Side-effects, Downtime or Freezing

Proven & Measurable Results

Average circumference loss of 6″

Only Low-level Laser in the aesthetic Industry Market Cleared to Treat Patients up to 40 BMI.

"I have purchased several pieces of equipment from COOLPRETTY this year. The customer service is the best I've experienced. Nina has been there for me with prompt informative replies to every question or concern. The prenasContour machines have functioned very well and there are ample instructional materials and videos for how to use them. I am a very happy customer. Because of Nina's top notch support, I have purchased 9 devices from COOLPRETTY Group."
Grey Murphy
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"I have made several purchases on Coolpretty and I am very happy. More than quality machines the customer service is above and beyond what I was expecting. Even weeks after purchase Meya is there for me answering questions. Her help keeps me coming back."
Gillian Walsh
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"I just bought my GCP532 PRO machine Nina helped train me to use it and I'm very happy l got to learn today. Thank you :)"
John Macdougall
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