Monopolar RF Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Therapy Machine

Monopolar rf skin tightening and body slimming therapy machine is one of the physiotherapy treatments called conductive therapy. Radiofrequency is the latest technology to target areas of the face and body that need rejuvenation. Radiofrequency therapy uses monopolar radiofrequency modes to heat subcutaneous dermal tissue with a handpiece that emits radiofrequency waves.

Monopolar RF Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Therapy Machine

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Professional Monopolar RF Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Therapy Machine GCPFB2

In the solution of aesthetic treatments, advancements in technology have provided innovative solutions for achieving tighter, youthful skin and a well-contoured body. One such breakthrough is COOLPRETTY’s Monopolar RF Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Therapy Machine GCPFB2. This cutting-edge device utilizes Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF) technology to target and improve the appearance of loose skin and assist in body slimming and sculpting.

It generates thermal heat to activate collagen and has been proved to be one of the most effective and safest beauty and body care treatments that help with a non-surgical face lift, skin tightening, body slimming, and body shaping.

How does monopolar radio frequency skin tightening and body slimming therapy machine work?

Monopolar radiofrequency or RF skin tightening treatment is an innovative therapy that uses radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (energy waves in the range of about 3 kHz to 300 GHz) to stimulate collagen development deep within the dermal layers of the skin. Radiofrequency restructures and contracts existing collagen and stimulates fresh collagen production to give noticeable yet natural results. Clients benefit from healthier, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.

The monopolar rf skin tightening and body slimming therapy machine consists of a handpiece that emits controlled radiofrequency waves into the deeper layers of the skin. These waves generate heat, which penetrates the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, a vital protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness.

How does monopolar rf skin tightening and body slimming therapy machine work?

During the treatment, the RF energy heats the targeted tissues, causing them to contract and tighten. This tightening effect leads to an immediate improvement in the appearance of loose or sagging skin. Additionally, the heat promotes collagen remodeling, which further enhances the skin’s elasticity and firmness over time.

The Monopolar RF technology also works to target and reduce localized fat deposits. The heat produced by the RF waves accelerates the metabolic activity of fat cells, leading to their shrinkage. This process can result in body contouring and slimming effects.

The depth of penetration and intensity of the RF energy can be adjusted based on the treatment area and desired outcomes. The procedure is typically safe and well-tolerated, with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Characteristics of monopolar radiofrequency skin tightening and body Slimming therapy machine GCPFB2

  • Immediate effect: collagen shrinks immediately, and the skin is firm, such as a facelift.
  • Long-term effects: collagen reconstruction and new life, such as wrinkles reduced shallow, smooth skin, flexible, and younger.
  • High security, good operability.
  • The working probe works infinitely within the service life, and the treatment cost is low.
  • Can automatically control the energy release and the energy release rate is adjustable, when treated, the treatment head can leave the skin without damaging the skin.
  • The working frequency of the instrument has no excitatory and stimulating effects on nerves and muscles.
  • High power output, can be treated in a large area, large, medium, and small 6 treatment heads can be different choices for different parts
  • High energy, quick results.
  • No need to add anesthetic during operation, because the probe protects the epidermis when it is treated on the dermis and below.
  • In the treatment, relying on electric waves to form electrical resistance in the skin to generate thermal energy, no need for a cooling medium.
Monopolar RF Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Therapy Machine GCPFB2

Coolpretty-Group-111Easy to learn and use


Coolpretty-Group-111FACE PROBE


Coolpretty-Group-111ELECTRODE PLATE


Coolpretty-Group-111BODY PROBE


Three Replacement Tips

Coolpretty-Group-111Three Replacement Face Tips


RF monopolar radio frequency technology, energy is more concentrated.

For eye before BEFORE
For eye after AFTER

For eye

For face before BEFORE
For face after AFTER

For face


Different probes are suitable for different parts of the body

For arms before BEFORE
For arms after AFTER

For arms

For body after AFTER

For body

Four Replacement Body Tips

Coolpretty-Group-111Four Replacement Body Tips

Multiple Accessories to Treat Any Body Area
  • Conical one: For eye
  • Small Size: For face
  • Middle Size: For arms and Legs
  • Large size: For body

Multiple Accessories to Treat Any Body Area

Seven electrodes to perfectly match any patient from head to toe. A unique design with Coated Capacitive Energy Transfer (CCET) for improved comfort & uniform heating distribution across the treatment area.

Ergonomic Handpieces

Two light-weight handpieces to obtain consistently e­ffective: Body and Face.


Used with a monopole RF probe to form a positive and negative electromagnetic field, please use it close to the back before operation

Monopolar RF Technology

Monopolar RF Technology

Experience a new level of control with Monopolar RF Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Therapy Machine powered by Monopolar RF technology. Utilize 5 different frequencies to dial-in the depth of energy penetration heating specific skin and tissue layers achieving Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening, Cellulite and Wrinkle Reduction

1 and 2MHz – Medium deep heating
4 and 6MHz – Superficial heating and penetration

Benefits of RF

  1. Painless and Non-Surgical way to remove fat and cellulite.
  2. Reduce fat in problem areas: thighs, hips, stomach, back, arms, chin, etc.
  3. Tighten and tone skin, reduce sagging skin.

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Technical parameters

professional monopolar rf skin tightening and body slimming therapy machine
RF Frequency Face 0,3 MHz Body 0,5 MHz
Technology Monopolar RF
Max output 170W/200W
Operation interface 8’ TFT True color touch screen
Handpieces 1 big handle for body
1 small handle for face
7pcs RF working heads
Electrical 110V/60Hz;220V/50Hz
Warranty 2 years for main machine and 6 months for spare part


The Monopolar RF Skin Tightening and Body Slimming Therapy Machine GCPFB2 treatment is a non-invasive procedure designed to address loose skin and assist in body slimming and contouring. Safe for all skin types and tones. Minimal discomfort and downtime. Long-lasting results and gradual improvement. Versatile applications for facial and body treatments.

  • Improve the contours of the face and eliminate the chin.
  • Liquidation of crow’s feet and so-called “Hamsters” Reduction of eye shadows and puffiness
  • Nasal and labial folds
  • Delays in the aging process of the skin
  • The abdomen or the arm has a fat, hip relaxation, abdominal relaxation after postpartum and losing weight, arthritis, etc.
  • Facial rejuvenation: tightening sagging skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Neck and decolletage firming
  • Arm toning and tightening
  • Abdominal contouring and waistline reduction
  • Thigh and buttock reshaping
  • Cellulite reduction

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professional monopolar rf skin tightening and body slimming therapy machine GCPFB2

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It can activate collagen growth, and only a one-time treatment can see the obvious effect.12 times as a period of treatment (once a week), after treatment, collagen continues to regenesis to maintain sustainable results.

Skin will feel a bit warm, with no pain, after treatment, the skin will turn a bit red, and after several minutes, it will disappear. Now the skin is very firm and smooth.

RF therapy is non-surgical; absolutely does not affect daily lives. As long as using moisture nutrition and sunscreen daily, can help keep the skin young and healthy.

After treatment, 98 patients’ skin will have enough collagen fibers to contract, so we can see the results of skin firming immediately.

Next, because the dermal layer of fibroblast cells regeneration of new collagen, so after 6 months, it will continue and sustain to lift the bagged skin, while reducing wrinkles and reshaping tight face lines, letting your appearance imperceptible get younger.

The study noted that satisfactory results can be maintained for at least 5 years or even longer.

"I have both the RF system and the hydrafacial machine from Coolpretty as well as the complete bundle of solutions. This company is fantastic to work with.!!! Excellent customer service and support as well as education.Shoutout to Meya for quick and efficient customer service, as well as Elaine - who gives the professionals encouragement knowledge, and support !! highly recommend Coolpretty and I'm ever so thankful that I have them in my corner!"
Louise Sharrock
Beauty Spa Owner
"Coolpretty has been outstanding since the day l ordered my RF equipment; not only is the shipping super fast, they are excellent with their communication and providing updates/support. The free training they provide with their machine is such a great added benefit, especially to those wanting to expand their businesses, like myself. My trainer, Emily, was so patient and concerned about my comprehension and my specific needs made me feel comfortable with the information and guidance provided. She made sure all of my questions were answered fully and sought out added input when needed. I will be recommending her and Coolpretty as a whole to all of my friends. Thank you all so much!"
Meaghan Patno
"Purchased two RF machines from them. Customer service is amazing kept me informed through the entire shipping process. The quality of the machines is fantastic. "
Grey Walsh
Laser Clinic Owner
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